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Monday, March 9

Monday, March 2, we got home from Lacks and it was only 9:45 a.m.

Generally, when David begins chemo, on Monday we are there until at least 4:00 p.m.  It is a long day and exhausting.  Today, we had our appointment with Dr. Brinker at 8:15 a.m.  This appointment was to talk about the results of the CT scan that David had last week, and the progress (or no progress) being made with these last 2 rounds of chemo.

As you may recall, he went through 4 rounds of chemo, then had his surgery, then had a period of healing and was to go through at least 2 and possibly 4 more rounds of chemo.  He has done 2 of those last 4 rounds, and the results of the CT scan show that 2 of the tumors have grown a bit, 2 have shrunk a bit and the rest have remained the same.  BUT, he is also experiencing some of the bad side effects of the Cisplatin.  Numb fingers and toes, lowering of his white blood cell counts, ringing in the ears.  So, Dr. Brinker has told us that he wants to discontinue using Cisplatin, which is the cause of those side effects and look for another, more gentle-on-the-body, therapy.  There are other drugs available that do not have the side effects of Cisplatin.  Dr. Brinker is going to do some research, consult with his collegues, and then call us with the results of his research.

Our feelings are mixed.  Sad that some of the tumors have grown.  Thankful that some have shrunk, and relieved that most have remained the same.

Today, Monday, March 9, we also were sent home from Lack’s.  This time, it was because of some confusion and a mix-up with Matt the scheduler.  I spoke with Matt on Friday, following a conversation with Dr. Brinker on Thursday.  Dr. Brinker spoke of another drug that hopefully will be beneficial, but not cause so many side effects.  Friday, when I called and talked to Matt, he told me that he would put us on the schedule for Monday, but that he would have to speak with Dr. Brinker to clarify what they would do on that Monday, and that he would call me back later in the afternoon on Friday.  I never heard back from Matt, but because we have never had problems with any scheduling, I assumed that everything was to go as planned.  We went to Lack’s this morning and found out that David was on the schedule, but there were no orders in his chart from Dr. Brinker as to what he had planned for David’s treatment.  So, we waited around until 11:45 or so and then were sent home.  They have scheduled him for next Monday, and hopefully all will go as planned.

We got home, and because of the stress of planning on having chemo, David went right to bed and slept most of the afternoon.  It must be awful to psych yourself up for the long days at Lack’s, hooked up to machines and having them pump chemicals into your body that you know will make you feel awful….that stress must be unbearable and then to have the disappointment of AGAIN being sent home.  It was just too much!

At least David will get another week of healing and rest.  We are thankful for that!

I am again posting the information for the fundraiser.

Thank you for keeping David in your prayers.  We appreciate it!

Love, Connie

Pasta Fundraiser In Support of

David A. Lemmink

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

330 Lakeside Drive NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Time:  5:00–8:00 pm  Pasta Dinner

8:30–11:30 pm   Lazy Blue Tunas Concert

Dinner and Concert: $12.50 Adults

$3.00 Children 12 and under

After 8:00 pm, Concert only: $10.00

Beer & Wine donation cash bar available

Coffee, Lemonade and water, included

Both events will have silent auctions and 50/50 raffles

For Tickets please email David’s sister Ellen at:

Mail Checks to:

Ellen Hansen

5693 West Grove Dr. SE

Kentwood, MI  49512

Make checks payable to:  In Support of David A. Lemmink

We look forward to a fun evening and thank you so much for all of your support and prayers.


ALSO, if you are unable to attend the fundraiser and wish to contribute, you can do so at any Fifth Third Bank.  If you do not have a Fifth Third Bank near you, you can mail your check directly to Ellen at the address above, or to:  Fifth Third Bank,  3785 Plainfield Ave. N.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49525.  Make your check payable to “In Support of David A. Lemmink, #9429″ .


Thank you again!


Love, Connie



  1. Well, getting all psyched up for a stressful event and then being told it’s postponed is quite a bummer. As you realize, though, it’s good to give him another week to gather his strength. The ups and downs of conditions like this are so tiring, and I give you both such credit for weathering them, and keeping the faith. I pray for you all every night, and know that God is keeping you strong and giving you the perspective you need to get through all this. Can hardly wait for the fundraiser!

  2. Hello,
    Im Bobby Lemmink’s daughter, Jilly, and i would like to know how to become more involved in helping with David’s cancer…I want to help him get better and would like to get to know him because, I’m not very involved with the family, but should be. I only just heard about David’s cancer a half an hour ago when my grandmother, Carol Lemmink, told me about David’s upcoming benefit. please any information on how I can help would be great. I may only be 14 but I can help to make a huge difference…please contact my parents with any information on how I can help. Home #:1-616-987-4258

  3. Hi Jilly –

    I just read your response. I am David’s sister and am one of the coordinators for the benefit. I hope you get this. I also have a daughter named Jillian. She is almost 20 and attends the U of Michigan. How fun, that your name is that too!

    Thank you for your offer to help. I hope you will be able to attend the benefit party. It should be lots of fun!

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