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Fundraiser in Support of David A. Lemmink

Hi there,

This has been a difficult week.  David had chemo Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Each day got progressively harder and he was not able to go to work at all.  He tried each day and was just too exhausted.  Friday, he got up, ate breakfast and then headed to the shower.  He came upstairs, (kind of zombie-like) dressed and ready to go, but was so exhausted, he sat for a bit in his chair, and then just got up, put his pajamas back on and got back into bed.  Amazingly, Saturday morning, he walked down the hall from the bedroom, and before he could say anything, I could tell that he was feeling SO MUCH better!  A minute later, he said to me “WOW, I can’t believe how much better I feel today!”  I won’t say that he is running any marathons today, but he is here and present.  Such a great change!  YAY!!! I have heard comments that when you go through chemotherapy, they take you to the brink of death, and that is so true. We are thankful to be through this week.


Next up is a CT scan and then an appointment with Dr. Brinker to assess the last two rounds and were we go from here.


I am repeating the information from the past post regarding the fundraiser.  I have also added at the end, information about donating directly to Ellen or Fifth Third Bank if you are unable to attend the fundraiser, and still wish to contribute.

Pasta Fundraiser In Support of

David A. Lemmink

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

330 Lakeside Drive NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Time:  5:00–8:00 pm  Pasta Dinner

8:30–11:30 pm   Lazy Blue Tunas Concert

Dinner and Concert: $12.50 Adults

$3.00 Children 12 and under

After 8:00 pm, Concert only: $10.00

Beer & Wine donation cash bar available

Coffee, Lemonade and water, included

Both events will have silent auctions and 50/50 raffles

For Tickets please email David’s sister Ellen at:

Mail Checks to:

Ellen Hansen

5693 West Grove Dr. SE

Kentwood, MI  49512

Make checks payable to:  In Support of David A. Lemmink

We look forward to a fun evening and thank you so much for all of your support and prayers.


ALSO, if you are unable to attend the fundraiser and wish to contribute, you can do so at any Fifth Third Bank.  If you do not have a Fifth Third Bank near you, you can mail your check directly to Ellen at the address above, or to:  Fifth Third Bank,  3785 Plainfield Ave. N.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49525.  Make your check payable to “In Support of David A. Lemmink, #9429” .


Thank you again!


Love, Connie



  1. I knew David was having a really hard time with this round of chemo. I’m glad to hear he’s back to feeling a little better now. This makes me so much more anxious to have him have the radiation treatment in Basel. So many Carcinoids have had great results there, and now it’s David’s turn. Let’s get him on his way, starting with the fundraiser coming up soon.

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