Posted by: davidalemmink | November 24, 2008

Monday, November 24

Just a short note to fill you in.

Today was David’s appointment with Dr. Brinker.  It is the first time we have seen him since before David had surgery.  He was impressed by David’s progress in (2 days shy of) 3 weeks!

  • David has been off the Fentanyl for a week with no significant pain;
  • he only occasionally needs regular strength Tylenol to deal with the pain that he does have;
  • his main, large incision is healing nicely;
  • his smaller incisions where the drainage tubes were, also healed well, and today the nurse removed the stitches;
  • he looks great;
  • he feels almost great.  In fact, he feels so almost great that he is going to cards tonight!

We do not need to see Dr. Brinker again for 4 weeks.  At that time we will discuss where we go from here.

Also, they tested his oxygen levels and while walking they were 96 and 97.  So, they told him he no longer needs to be on oxygen!  YAY!!!  We are so thankful for that.  It is hard to be attached to a “tether”!  He said he feels like a regular person again!  YAY!  again!!!

Tomorrow we see Dr. Rush, his primary care physician.  Just a check-up and a way for the doctor to get a baseline of where David is now, following surgery.

If there is more to report following that appointment, I will certainly let you all know.

Thanks, always, for your prayers, love and support.

Love, Connie



  1. Oh my Gosh! That is so great! I am so happy to read the update! Wonderful!

  2. This is great news ! Many reasons to be thankful this week 🙂

  3. It’s Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for Dave’s recovery.

    I love you all.

  4. That is AMAZING news!!! It’s nice to know that he’s doing well and finally gets off the oxygen. This is definitely on the list of things to be Thankful for 🙂 and I’m glad.

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