Posted by: davidalemmink | November 19, 2008

Wednesday, November 19

Hi all,

Sorry I have been so long in posting.  I have been busy.  I went back to work and Carol, Liz, John and I have been taking turns being here with David.

I am consistently amazed by the human body and how it can work hard towards healing. Two weeks ago today he was in surgery, and now it is great to see that David is doing so well.  He came home barely able to walk 10 steps without stopping to catch his breath.  Today, I am noticing that he is much more easily getting around.  Up and down, across the house, into the bedroom, the only thing slowing him down is the oxygen tube he is still attached to.  Because his oxygen stores seem to be up and improving, he may be able to start weaning himself off the oxygen.  I suggested that he try taking it off for 20 minutes today and see how that feels.  He won’t know how it is until he tries.  FYI:  We learned that his oxygen stores were depleted.  The explanation to us was that we all carry oxygen in our cells, waiting to be released when we need it in times of stress, or exercise or exertion.  Because of this major surgery and the assault to his lungs and heart area, his stores were depleted.  It is so difficult and such a horrible feeling to not be able to take a deep breath, or have the ability to know that you will be able to walk across a room and be able to breath.  Something we ALL take for granted.  (OK Dad, I now see from David’s experience what you have been going through!)

His pain is also something that has moderated.  On Monday, he took his shower, and when I went in to take my shower, I noticed that his Fentanyl patch was on the floor.  We had just applied it Sunday, so he got the benefit of it for a day and a half.  When I told him that I had found it, I asked him if he wanted another one applied and he said “let’s wait and see”.    We waited that day and he did not have enough significant pain to warrant applying another patch.  YAY!  Getting off those heavy drugs is an important step, in my opinion.  The patch is there, ready to apply if he feels he needs it, but so far he is able to manage what pain he has with regular strength Tylenol.  That is so amazing and such a BIG STEP!

As an aside, Monday, he and I took a road trip.  His first time out since we got home.  We went out to the farm to get our milk, and then on the way back, I asked him if he would like to go out to his office and see everyone.  He said YES and off we went.  He was so happy to see everyone, and they were equally happy to see him!  It was an exhausting day, but well worth the effort!

So, David is improving day by day.  It is heartening to see him healing and getting stronger!

Thank you for your prayers, cards and good wishes.

Love, Connie



  1. Yes, the human body’s healing capabilities are amazing, keep getting stronger, looking forward to seeing everyone at Thanksgiving!

    Love, John

  2. Sending a very special Happy Thanksgiving message to you and yours! Take care.

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