Posted by: davidalemmink | July 9, 2008

Wednesday, July 9

David is done with his first three days of treatment. Thank God.

As I stated before, Monday was long. Tuesday and Wednesday were about 2 1/2 to 3 hours each. His mom, Carol spent both Tuesday and Wednesday with him, and they played cribbage. Tuesday was David’s day — Wednesday was Carol’s. It appears they have a rubber match to play!

Tuesday, Carol came to pick David up at around 9:30, and off they went. Again, they had to wait for over half an hour. When they were finally called in, they got a private room, which seems to make things much more comfortable. The treatment, which consisted only of the etoposide, then took a couple of hours, and when they finished up, they decided to come over to church to see if there was any food left from the Tuesday group. There was, and we got to enjoy their company while they had their lunch.

Tuesday evening, David decided he would go to work Wednesday morning. He got up and went to work for 3 hours before he had to leave at 10:00 for his 10:30 appointment. He met his mom there, and again they requested and got a private room…so they could have privacy and play their rousing game of cribbage! Again, he was only given the etoposide, so it didn’t take too long. Today, Carol brought lunch, so they were able to sit and play cribbage and enjoy their lunch. They got done about 1:00 and were on their way.

David stopped by Meijer on his way home to pick up a few things and ran into Tom where they proceeded to talk for an hour. Tom is a fun and entertaining guy and the perfect person for David to run into..thanks, Tom! ♥

…as an aside…in the meantime, sometime during the day, Brian came over with his lawnmower and mowed our lawn. While he was visiting David on Monday, we had a conversation about the lawn and how I want to purchase a new lawn mower, something that would be easier for me to use. We discussed how expensive lawn service is and that a new lawnmower would be more practical. Brian, being the thoughtful person he is, heard that and took it upon himself to come over and take care of our lawn for us. ♥ THANKS A TON, BRIAN! ♥

When David got home, he ate something and headed right to bed to take a nap. I got home from work (late) and he was still sleeping.

All in all, the first 3 days have been long and tiring but not awful. David asked the nurse, and she told him most of the symptoms kick in at about 6 days, so that is something to think about. His plan is to go to work when he is able and stay home when he isn’t.

Thank you for all your support, prayers, and love. It is amazing to see God at work through the loving, caring people in our lives.

Love, Connie



  1. David & Connie –

    Thanks again for the update. I am glad that the past 3 days went better than expected. Maybe it will continue to be smooth sailing with the treatment.

    Glad Mom remembered the cards to play cribbage! 🙂

    Love to you both!

  2. It is good to know that your needs are being met. I am glad the lawn is mowed.
    I will pray that the 6th day goes by peacefully.

  3. Praying the awful side effects stay away.

  4. Hi, Connie & David:

    Thanks for sharing what you’re going through. We have you in our thoughts & prayers. Glad you have such a supportive group of friends – that makes such a difference.

    Love, Katie, Jon, Peter & Calvin

  5. Just read all new posts and I’m updated, so glad the first three days went well ! I have been playing cribbage here so I may be some competition ! NOT
    We will be home Sunday am, I will call you in the afternoon.

    Love Linda

  6. Dave has been in my thoughts and prayers for weeks now and I am glad to be able to read this blog, Connie. I just learned a blog existed after speaking with Kay this morning. I want you to know that Ted and I want the very best for Dave, and for you.

    Love Fran

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