Posted by: davidalemmink | July 7, 2008

Monday, July 7

So, we’re home!

Today began in the middle of the night when neither David nor I could get much restful sleep. As I tossed and turned, I noticed that he was doing the same. Sleep. Wake. Sleep. Wake. … etc. Annoying when I knew a good night’s sleep was what we most needed.

We headed down to Lack’s around 10:00 or so and got there in plenty of time for his 10:30 appointment. We checked in at approximately 10:15 and proceeded to wait. When they called David’s name at 10:50, we followed Linda, David’s nurse back to the chemo area. She was going to put David in the main area, and I asked if there were any private rooms available. She checked and sure enough there was. We were thankful for that. We could spread all our stuff out and not feel that we had to whisper. In the main area, there were lots of people in treatment with some trying to sleep the time away. That would make it uncomfortable to have any type of conversation.

So, we settled in and Linda came in with the first, large bag. This was mainly saline, with some anti-nausea medications in it, but it was given mainly to slightly overload his kidneys. This is to protect them from the cisplatin which is hard on kidneys. Because there was so much, it took a couple of hours to drip through.

In the meantime, I left the room to go find some hot water to make us some tea. In my travels, I passed the gift shop in the Lack’s center, and who did I see, but Brian. He had come down to see David on his first day of chemo and to spend some time with him. He had a lot to talk about, because he and Marianne had just gotten back from their vacation. It was fun to hear all about their travels in the Upper Peninsula. That was a nice surprise for David and a fantastic way to pass some time.

While Brian was visiting, I went back to the gift shop to get us a couple of sandwiches. (Dumb me, I thought, because we would be spending so much time in a hospital, they would provide us food. I never thought about the fact that we were in an outpatient area, and that amenities were not included, that was information that would have been good to have earlier.)

When the saline was done, Linda came in with the cisplatin which was another large bag. She hooked it up and again it took a couple of hours to drip through. And while that began, we ate our sandwiches. Also, I set up the portable DVD player and put a movie in and David enjoyed having a good laugh on Chris Farley while he ate his lunch!

Time was passing.

Following the completion of the cisplatin, Linda came in with etoposide. This bag was smaller, and we were hopeful that we would be going home soon.

Through all of this, David felt great. There were no ill effects to anything that Linda administered. We are thankful for that and pray that he will continue to have an easy time with side effects. I am not blind to the fact that it is early, but everyone who has talked to us about side effects, prefaces their conversation with the fact that each person is different and the drugs metabolize differently in each. So that is what I pray. It doesn’t HAVE to be difficult and hopefully it will not.

We arrived home around 5:30 and wow…did that feel good.

Because it is Monday, and because David was feeling pretty good, he decided to play cards. Monday is pinochle night with the guys and they all hate to miss it. My dad came at 6:15 and picked him up and off they went. I told him to call if he started to feel bad and we would go and pick him up and bring him home.

So, day one is finished. I hope and pray that each day could go as well and be as easy as today.

Thank you for your love, prayers and support.

Love, Connie



  1. Connie & David,

    I am so glad you updated tonight. I only checked it about 15 times today. Thanks for keeping us all informed. We too are all hoping David can handle and deal with all the side effects.

    Love to both of you ~ Ellen & Family

  2. Good to hear it seemed to go so well, hope David cleans them out at cards!

  3. I pray that David continues to get through these treatments with ease.

    I am praying for you and your family.

  4. What great news! “One day at a time” can sound trite, but its wisdom becomes clear when you’re in a situation like this.

    So relieved to hear how well it went, and the card playing was the finishing touch!

  5. Great to hear all went well. Thank you for the update. We love you and you are always in our prayers. Athy, Butch and family

  6. Connie- thanks for your updates- I check every day. When there is nothing new I believe no news is good news!! Always praying for the whole family!!!
    Love Cathi

  7. Praying today is going easy also.

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