Posted by: davidalemmink | August 4, 2009

Tuesday, August 4

Happy Birthday, David!

Today is David’s birthday.  It’s not a day like other days.  Usually we are together as a family and go out for dinner, have cake & ice cream, and presents.  We usually do our best to celebrate each birthday and make it as special as possible.  This year, it’s a bit different.  We’re having a quiet day here at home.  David is just not up to the usual celebrations.

Since we got back from Basel, life has been pretty quiet.  He has spent his days sleeping, resting and recuperating from the treatment and going through what has been explained to us as “tumor kill”.  When the Y-90 treatment uptakes into the tumors, it then swells them and as the swelling subsides, it kills them.  We are hopeful that that is exactly what is happening.  We also hope that David will be getting a scan in the next few weeks so we can actually SEE that result.

So that’s about it.  Lots of rest.  Sleep. More rest.  Sitting around.  Lying around.  (Me pushing as much food into him as he will accept.)  More sleep and so on.  That’s all.

Thank you for your calls checking up on David!  He appreciates hearing from each of you….it brings the outside world in and your loving thoughts and prayers are so welcome!

Love, Connie



  1. Happy Birthday David!

    God Bless all of you!

  2. Happy Birthday, David!!!

    God bless, and know that you have been and will remain in our prayers.

  3. Happy belated birthday, Dave!

    I’m so happy that you are back home and taking care of yourself. I bet that it takes loads of patience to cope with all this, and being surrounded by your loving family sure helps!

    God bless you.

  4. Patience, although quite a virtue, is really not what it’s cracked up to be. So many questions, and not many answers.

    You are doing the right thing: feeding and being, praying and loving.

  5. hi dave — just a note to let you know we (julie & i) think of you a lot , and you are in my prayers — connie of course keeps us up in person as well as in the blog — please eat as much as possible —

  6. Happy belated birthday koumbaro and nouno! We are praying for you and hope you are up and about soon..
    Dean, Demetra, Sophia , Thale and Nasi

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