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Wednesday, July 15

Guten Tag  …. Hello!!

I am finally able to post, and I am so thankful for that.  Please excuse any errors, the keyboard is a bit different than I am used to, so it makes it a bit more difficult….not impossible, but definately challenging. 

It is 11:30 a.m. here in Basel and we have just brought David back from hospital.  He received his treatment on Monday and it was well-received by him.  He was a bit ill from it, but he told me he felt somewhat better immediately.  I am not sure if that was psychological or what, but all I could think was YAY!!!  He spent all day Monday and Tuesday sleeping on and off, he would say mostly off and not getting the long, restful sleep he wanted.  The doctor came in on Tuesday and told us that the Y90 treatment had been taken up into the tumors.  That is EXCELLENT and exactly what we were hoping to hear.  Occasionally that is not the case, but we thank God that it IS the case for David.  He is experiencing some kidney pain, and they are not exactly sure why, but it could be that other, non-carcinoid tumor is a bit inflamed and pushing on nerves.  Hopefully the pain meds they have prescribed will help alleviate that pain.  He is still weak and not eating a ton, but the doctor said that was not a problem, just that he should be trying to drink a lot of fluids. 

The staff at the University Hospital has been exemplary.  They are friendly and helpful and will do whatever is needed to make David more comfortable.  We are so thankful for the ability to be here and take part in this treatment. 

We brought him back to the hostel by way of wheelchair.  The hostel is near the hospital, so that was not a problem.  John and I will take it back a bit later.  Our hostel is so nice and clean.  They have a lovely continental breakfast for us each morning, Monday through Friday.  The staff is so friendly and we are enjoying our stay here.  Our room is large enough for the 3 of us, and the bathroom is also adequate.  All-in-all, it is a lovely place to be and near the  Co-op we can get the food we need and nearby the bus and tram lines, and anything else we might want.

John and I have been wandering the city of Basel.  We have not done too much, but it is fun to just be here and see a city that is so beautiful and different from what we are used to.  Yesterday we picked up sandwiches at the Co-op (we have learned that eating in restaurants is very expensive in Basel, so we pick up sandwiches and Coke and have picnics) had a picnic and then we took a walk along the Rhein.  John had his feet in it to cool off and play.  We took a boat across to the other side and wandered there a bit.  Following that, we got on Tram #16 and took a ride through the city.  We met a lovely woman who is originally from the UK and now living here.  She gave us a few pointers of what we could see while we are still here, if we are able.

Today, we will just hang out with David, make sure he is comfortable and try to get him to eat.  Hopefully he will be able to sleep!  I will end for now.  I’m sure there is much more I could post, but John is here now and saying he is hungry.  I guess that means it is time to head back to the Co-op for sandwiches!

Thank you for your well-wishes, prayers and good thoughts.  We so appreciate it!

Love, Connie



  1. Thanks for taking time to post, as we’ve been anxiously waiting for news. Praise God for good news from the doctors, for kind staff members, and that David felt better after treatment!! Glad to hear you and John have time to see some of the town. Hugs and prayers to all of you.


  2. Praise God for such good news. It is wonderful to hear that the treatment made David feel better. I pray he gets that sleep that he needs and feels even better soon.
    Thank you for posting. It is so good to hear from you. It is really great to hear a bit about your adventures into Basel too.
    Take Care! I love you!

  3. Thank you so much for posting. Like Deb, I have been constantly checking this sight for an update. I am so glad that the treatment is working well. I think it helps to have so many people praying for all of you.

    Walter and Sue

  4. Best Wishes on Dave’s recovery. Sleep is great for repairing one’s body and soul. It’s great to hear you made it there and Dave has gotten the treatment. Here’s to it working, and here’s to your safe return. Hugs to all of you! Hope you can enjoy some of the trips great history.

  5. Connie, I’m soooo glad that everything so far is going as you had hoped (maybe better). I’ll be thinking of you all and checking the blog.

  6. Connie,

    So wonderful to hear that the treatment is on track and that you and John are taking in some of the sights. Thank you for your time and effort in keeping us informed. We all are SO WITH YOU!


  7. Connie,

    I am glad to hear the treatment is going well!.. We are thinking of you and your family! Be safe and we pray for healing.

    Cathy Renkema

  8. If that room for you three seems a bit crowded at times — it’s just all of our thoughts and well wishes right there with you! It’s delightful to hear the hopeful news, plus the fact that you and John and having some much-needed fun.

  9. Hi, Connie:

    So glad to hear the update and that everything is on track & going well! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Glad you and John are having some fun in Basel, too. I used to work for a swiss bank and can tell you the Swiss-German word for “bathroom” – that’s about it! 🙂

    PS If you see any signs you can’t translate, go to Yahoo Babel Fish and type in the text and it will translate it for you!

  10. Hi, Dave, Connie and John,

    It was so good to hear from you this morning and to learn that all is going well and that the many prayers said on Dave’s behalf are being answered. John is experiencing a whole different world, isn’t he? He will have lots to tell us about! Have a safe trip back and we’re looking forward to your return.

    Love you…..Dad and Mom

  11. Connie- As well as everyone else (I am sure) I have been checking daily to get some news.
    I am so glad it was good news. I will keep all of you in my prayers.

    Cathi Andrews

  12. WOW – that is wonderful news ! ! So happy to have the update. Can’t wait to see you all when you get home.

  13. Connie,

    It is amazing that you and Dave and John are in Switzerland, and it’s also amazing that Dave is getting treatment that he needs and that it is already showing signs of working. I am so GLAD! I love the detail about John putting his feet in the river. Thanks for writing. We’ve got some black raspberry jam for you, when you get back! (a taste of Michigan summer)


  14. MOM! I’m so glad you posted! i’ve been anxiously waiting for some sort of an update! I’m glad to hear that you guys have had a bit of fun even though its not really a ‘fun’ trip! 🙂 And very glad that Dad’s treatment is going well! I can’t wait to hear about it all when you guys come home, i’m planning on being back in GR on monday for your arrival! Miss you guys, and love you!

  15. Thank you for taking the time to post your wonderful news.

  16. All good, prayers continue, continue to rest, enjoy Switzerland…
    Love, Juliet and family

  17. Oh, Connie, so relieved to hear from you…thanks for finding the time. I’ll share will all going to the choir convention tomorrow. PRAYERS ANSWERED! POWER OF PRAYER–so good to hear positive news on response to treatment so far. Prayers continue to come your way from all of us, for sure!

  18. We, too are so glad to hear from you all. We are exicted about the good news… let’s all pray for more!!

    Love and peace, Lexie

  19. Connie,
    Thanks for taking the time to update us. We will continue our prayers for David, all of your family, as well as the medical staff that is helping in David’s care. Please continue to take time for you and John to enjoy the sights which will help “re-charge your batteries” as you play such an important role in David’s recovery. May God continue to bless and be with you all.
    Love, elaine

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