Posted by: davidalemmink | June 29, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello all,

Ahhhhh, where do I begin?  ……… We are going to Basel!  That sounds like a great beginning!  We received the call this morning.

Now, let me backtrack.  The day started out normally.  Today, we had a 9:30 appointment with Dr. Brinker at Lack’s.  We did all the usual morning things, which seem to take a little longer these days, and headed out a bit late.  On the way there, my phone rang.  I picked it up, looked at the number and said “that’s an odd number.”  I answered and on the other end was Brigit from the hospital in Basel. In her darling Swiss accent, she was calling to invite David to Basel for treatment and also to give us other pertinent information.  She then proceeded to tell me that she had emailed me last week, but the email had bounced.  She went on to say that because of that email snafu, and also a mistake she made last week in scheduling, that David’s appointment would be July 13!!  THAT IS IN 2 WEEKS!!! If all of these little mistakes had not happened, we would be heading over there sometime in September.  July is a much better choice as far as we are concerned!

Now on to all I have to do.  Get tickets. Do laundry and pack.  Keep feeding David to get him as ready as possible for the long flight.  Figure out the method of payment for the treatment.   The list goes on and on.  But it is with a happy heart and I am so glad to be doing it!  There have been many tears of joy shed already by both of us!  Those tears will continue as I do all I need to do because we are GOING!!!!  GOING!!!  BASEL HERE WE COME!!

I have been thinking ever since 9:46 this morning how amazing it is to actually SEE the Hand of God at work.  All those little “mess-ups” and “mistakes” were designed by God to make this wonderful gift happen.  God had a hand also in bringing together all of YOU who so generously shared of yourselves to give us the resources to make this happen.  We praise and thank God for each and every one of you who were so willing and generous and loving.  It has been a source of comfort for us to know that when the time came, we would not have to worry about “how” it would happen!

Please keep praying for David.  The next two weeks will go by fast and he needs  to build up his strength as much as he can.  I will keep working to bulk him up.  He will continue to get fluids at Lack’s whenever he feels the need.  That is so very helpful.

Thanking you constantly for your prayers and support.

With all my love,


“Lord, I praise You for Your faithfulness and love towards us.
Thank You for volunteering to take charge of our problems in every
difficult situation.  Please continue to help us to walk in Your truth.  Amen”



  1. Praise The Lord!

  2. What wonderful news!
    Everything is falling into place. Best wishes.
    Love, Mary & Chuck

  3. This is the best news we’ve heard all summer! We’ll continue to pray for you all.
    Love and peace, Lexie

  4. No news could be more welcome!!!

    You should be thinking of what we can do to help you now. I’ll be ready to hear it tomorrow at church.

  5. And once Jane hears what we can do to help you, she’ll pass that information on to all of us who want to do our part to demonstrate our love for you and David and to provide support in some small way.

    Hugs and prayers!


  6. At last! It has been so hard to wait and now time will just fly.

    Best news!

    Loving you all

  7. a day at a time…today is a new day! rejoice! God is good and in control!
    Cathy and Steve Selin

  8. Oh, yaaaayyy! I am so very glad to hear this happy news. Thanks for letting us know!

  9. Wishing you a safe and successful journey! Congratulations,
    Sharon Devereaux

  10. We are so excited to hear the news!!! We have been praying for you guys.
    We are sending you all our good thoughts and love. Have a safe and successful trip.

    Sophia, Demetra, Dean, Thale, and Nasi

  11. I am so happy that the wait is over! Let us know if you need anything.

  12. Lem we’re all thinking of you here at CRI, and also sending a prayer your way.
    Safe journey and hope to see you soon.
    God Bless,

    Jim&Karen Schwartz

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