Posted by: davidalemmink | April 26, 2009

Sunday, April 26


Just a quick post this morning to thank everyone for a lovely evening Saturday! I hope to post pictures soon!

David’s Benefit was a smashing success.  Everyone seemed to have a lovely time.  The room was full with so many loving, caring people!

First off, many, many thanks to Linda and Ellen who were the driving force behind the benefit.  They were so organized and we are thankful for all they did!  Thanks too, to Diane, Jeff, Ted and Bryan.  They never stopped all evening making sure things  that needed to get done, got done.

Thanks to Brian & Marianne, Lexie & Mark, Cheryl & Rob, with the help of Julia & Ginger.  The food was delicious and the kitchen crew outdid themselves. Thanks, also, to Danica who came in to help with the kitchen clean-up!

The Lazy Blue Tunas were AWESOME.  Everyone enjoyed them and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their stellar performance!

Thanks to all the nieces and nephews: Jill, Griffin, Erin, Bryce, Lauren & Ryan who were so helpful in selling tickets, and beer chances, and bracelets!  (we missed you Kyle!) Everyone pulled together and all jobs were important!

Thanks to our children, Angela (and Derek)  Elisabeth (and Joe) & John (we missed you, too, Charlie!!!) They were very helpful throughout the evening and have been so helpful throughout this difficult year.  Elisabeth took lots of pictures, which I will post later.

The Auction was a blast.  It was so much fun hearing everyone talk about what they were bidding on!  Many, many thanks to all who donated!  Thanks to Walter, Sue & Nadine who produced all the fantastic gift baskets!  They were a BIG hit!  Just ask John!!

I hope and pray that I have not missed thanking someone, and if I have, please forgive me.  We are very thankful to ALL who had any part, large or small.

We thank God for all the beauty and wonder He shows us.  God is good and His love is shown to us daily through all the loving people He surrounds us with.



  1. David & Connie – It was such a great night! We all wanted to do this for you guys. It was well worth it! I am so glad everyone had a good time. So many people pulled together to make it a success!

    It was great to see so many old and new friends out to support David. Thanks to all the wonderful relatives and friends who took the time to travel to Michigan to support David. You are truly loved and are special people!

    Hats off to the kitchen crew and everyone who was at the planning meetings to make sure every single detail was checked and double checked!

    What an amazing team!

    Love to everyone –

    Love to you David and Connie!

    Ellen, Bryan, Jill, Griffin and Bryce!

  2. We had a wonderful time from beginning to end. This event was so well organized, the food was terrific and the band was great! I was not surpised by the huge turnout of support because you are such a wonderful family and we are blessed to have you all in our lives. Please keep us updated on Dave’s journey.

    Walter and Sue

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