Posted by: davidalemmink | December 15, 2008

Monday, December 15

Marching towards Christmas…..

Hello everyone. I have not written lately, because life is just going on day by day.  David has returned to work on a modified schedule. For the last week and a half he has been going in after lunch for the afternoon.  That seems to be working for him.  I would imagine that as he feels stronger, he will plan to work longer days until he is at his normal schedule.

He is still coughing, and we’re not exactly sure why.  It could be that his as his lungs mend and as he does more, this is a natural side effect of that healing.  It could be something more, but he is not FEELING bad at all.  The cough does not hurt, so we are assuming it is all part of the healing process.

That’s it!  Life is moving forward and Christmas is fast approaching.  Exciting!  We were able to get our Christmas tree last Saturday….thanks to Elisabeth who was the official tree cutter this year.  Unfortunately, only David, Liz, John and I were able to be there, but we still were able to muster some fun, even without Charlie and Angela.


Best wishes to you all in your Christmas preparations!   Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement.

Love, Connie



  1. Hey, what a super picture! Dave, you look just great ! Of course, so does the rest of the tree-cutting crew. Tree looks full and tall. I’ll stop in sometime to check it out. Love you all, MOM

  2. I’m glad to hear things are going well. I have been praying for you all, and will continue. Enjoy God’s grace at Christmas.

  3. Dave, Connie and family,
    Great picture! We are glad to hear things are improving and wish Dave the best on his road to recovery and God Bless your family.

  4. I love how this bundled up in happiness picture expresses the spirit of Christmas.

  5. Dave,
    By your pictures, you are stil a great looking guy.(must be in the genes) Have in touch with Linda and she lets us know how you are doing.
    speaking of spring, boy it can’t come soon enough for us. we have a bad case of cabin fever.
    We hope your trip to Switzerland is a huge success.
    Now that you have our email address, if you have time we would love to hear from you.
    how do we send photos to this site, we are not that good at figuring out that stuff, but we have some photos you might get a kick out of.

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