Posted by: davidalemmink | November 10, 2008

Monday, November 10

Not much time to post and not a ton to report……….

Well, there is that we are getting out of here today!  YAY!  It takes a while to get all the paperwork done and prescriptions written and filled and visits with the doctors and nurses.  But by 3:00 Iowa time we will be on our way out.  We were thinking of staying here a couple of days, but we think it would be better to head back to Grand Rapids.  Once we can leave, we will head out and try to make it half way, with stops every hour.  They want David up and moving every hour to prevent blood clots.  So you see, it won’t be a fast traveling trip, but that’s OK with us….we will still be headed home.

I hope to post tonight but if I am not able, then I will let you all know when we have arrived home.  HOME!  Oh, does that sound good and safe and amazing!

I must add here, that our time spent in Iowa City at the University of Iowa Health Care Facility has been as pleasant as could be imagined.  The nursing staff here is exemplary.  They are kind, caring, loving, and very thorough.  They will do whatever it takes to make your stay here the best that it can be. David’s nurses, Ty, and Kelly, and Heidi and Kindra and Julie, and Mindy and Debi and Sarah ~~ I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone ~~ they were ALL amazing and we thank them so much for all they did.   We are so thankful for them and their care.  We are thankful too for the doctors.  Dr. Iannettoni is so skilled and his bedside manner is fantastic.  Craig the Physician’s Assistant is so helpful and does his job with skill and humor.  I have nothing but good things to say about the University of Iowa Health Care Facility and its staff.  Thank you and blessings to you all!

Thank you, too,  for your upbeat, joyful and loving comments.

Love, Connie



  1. Enjoy the ride home… I’m guessing you’ll see snow! Check out the GR PRess when you get home! There’s couple great photos of Liz!

    Safe travels. Hope to see you both very soon!
    Love Lexie

  2. Yeah! You should be on your way as I type. Yippie! Take it slow and steady……It will be so great to have your heads on your own pillows!

    Travel Safe!

  3. I just checked Chicago and GR weather for tomorrow and it doesn’t look too bad, so your driving should be o.k. I know you’ll be delighted to hear that the mosquito index is way, way down!

    Your silly buddy, Jane

  4. Great news, safe travels…God bless
    elaine and richard

  5. Connie and Dave,

    I’m so glad, glad, GLAD that all went well. I have been sharing your good news with so many people, because it is just inspiring! I hope your trip back is going (went?) well. Rest easy!


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