Posted by: davidalemmink | November 7, 2008

Friday, November 7

I am so happy to post tonight.

We have had another busy, positive and progressive day.  So many things have happened and even though there are 24 hours in a day, this day felt so much longer.  Yes, it felt longer, partly because being in the hospital, time feels like it is standing still, and partly because when you are in the hospital, every minute it seems that something is happening.  And today it seemed like something happened every minute!

Following breakfast, David did the first of his 4-daily walks in the hall.  He was still pretty wobbly, and we didn’t go too far, but he was up and moving. That is an important step to getting out of here.

In the meantime, Carol and John showed up.  Unfortunately, they were getting booted from the motel.  Since we did not reserve any time in advance, and this being a big game weekend and ALSO parent’s weekend, all rooms were booked.  The motel personnel had not told us that this was happening, so we were caught unawares.  They packed up all the luggage and came here to see us and say goodbye.  They hung out with us for a couple of hours and then took off for home.

Once David was done with his walk, we got him back in bed and then Craig, a Physician’s Assistant, came in.  He was sent by Dr. Iannettoni to remove the IV line that was still in David’s neck.  While preparing his supplies and instruments, he got a page, and he left the room to answer it.  It was a call from the doctor telling him that while he was here he should also remove the 3 chest tubes. YAY!  That was such exciting news.  The chest tubes were so uncomfortable.  Every time David moved, they would pull, or push or just plain hurt.  So, we spent the next hour having the tubes removed.  YAY, again!  This is progress and that is what we want to see!  It is amazing to me that just 2 (yes two) days ago, David was in major surgery and today he was getting the chest tubes removed.  AMAZING!  Thank God!

Following having the tubes removed, we decided to order lunch, and while waiting the 45 minutes for it to arrive, off we went on another walk.  This time we went around one whole large area.  WAY farther than any other time before.  I thought following all of that, David would take a LONG nap.  He got into bed, and I ran down to the cafeteria to grab a salad.  He did a bit of dozing on and off, but not at all like yesterday when he barely was able to stay awake.  I came back upstairs and sat and read for a while, but then the nurse came in to take vitals which woke him.

We decided that I would call in David’s dinner order at 5:15, and then while waiting for the food to arrive, we went for another L O N G walk!  Without all those wires and bags and junk, it was so much easier.  And he did it so much faster and went so much farther.

We are finishing up watching a movie now, and then will go for the last walk of the day.  Following that, I believe we will CRASH!  And Kelly, our night nurse told us that because he is 48 hours post-op, she would not have to wake us ALL NIGHT LONG!  YAY!  A full night’s sleep.  That sounds so darn good….I can’t wait.

Seeing an end to this part of the journey is extremely exciting!

I can never thank you enough for your prayers, love, posts, and support.

Love, Connie



  1. Connie and Dave,
    We are on our knees praising God for His faithfulness.
    He has truly blessed you and us.
    Mary and Johnny

  2. This is wonderful and amazing news!! Thank you for all your informative posts. Still praying!

  3. I am so happy to read your great news. It sounds like he is progressing well. I am keeping Dave in my prayers.

  4. Dear Connie,
    We are praying for you and Dave and we are so happy to hear of his progress.
    Georgia & Doug
    Becky & Eric

  5. Always great to read of good news, looking forward to more soon.

    Love, John

  6. Hi, Dave & Connie. We’re glad to know that they went ahead with the surgery. Sounds like Dave is doing great. Keep walking! We’ve been praying for you.


  7. I’m so relieved all has gone well with the surgery and post surgery. I pray that Dave continues to get better each day.

    Love, Patty

  8. It’s so heartening to read your good news, but also to hear of the positive attitude that you both possess. I know that your love and strength are just indispensable to Dave, and I’m betting the two of you are getting closer day by day.

    My prayers continue. I have also been thanking God for Dave’s wonderful progress.

    Love, Jane

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