Posted by: davidalemmink | November 5, 2008

Wednesday, November 5

What a day this has been! I would first like to thank you all for your loving prayers and support. The comments on the blog are so appreciated! Sometimes I just go into the blog and read them, and when done, I feel so uplifted and supported. THANK YOU ALL!

After I woke at 4:00, showered & dressed.  I got my morning coffee, I then went back to the room to wake David. I won’t say he hopped out of bed…who would with the day ahead? We arrived at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. and immediately things began. A blood test, questions, the “gowning” (David’s favorite part…he kept saying, “are you sure I have to take off my undies?” .. haha). Then it was time to head off to the pre-op room. Carol went with him and John and I waited in a hallway, hoping to catch a glimpse him as he was wheeled into the operating room.

Once Carol came back, we went down to the cafeteria to grab a bite of breakfast, more coffee and of course a donut for John. Then she and John headed back to the hotel so she could check out of her room. As I plan to stay at the hospital at night to be with David, we do not need 2 rooms.

Upstairs I went to the “Surgery Waiting Room”. It was really full, so I plunked myself down in the hallway outside. It was better to be out there anyway….huge windows overlooking children playing in the hospital playground and views of the beautiful blue cloud-studded sky. It was so restful and such a great place to look up and pray.

After a bit, Carol & John arrived and joined me in the hallway. I pulled some chairs out of the waiting room and we all sat down. And we waited. Time marched on. Carol read her paper. John played his Nintendo, and made friends as he always does. I sat and knitted, read, and fretted. Then, at approximately 12:15, I looked up and saw Dr. Iannettoni walking down the hallway. I looked at my watch and kind of freaked out! He had told me 6 hours, and I thought David had gone into surgery at around 9. I really freaked out. Carol told me to calm down. It would be ok… They then called us into the consultation room. Dr. Iannettoni proceeded to tell us that the surgery had gone well. David had done well, and had not lost blood, therefore he had not needed a transfusion. He felt they got most or all of the large tumor and many of the smaller tumors. He could not get them all due to their location, but he got as many of them as was feasibly possible.

Now we need to wait some more. So we headed down to the cafeteria to grab lunch. It was a perfect time because David was still in the operating room, where the surgeons were closing him up.

Back to my freakout. I did not realize that Dr. Iannettoni, being the specialist, would only be in the operating room for the middle part of the surgery. He is not there when they open and not there when they close. Not knowing that, when I saw him walking down the hallway, I thought “what the heck! Why is he not in the operating room?”!!! And then, of course, my brain went in a million fractured ways! Thank God, he was able to explain and put me at ease. WHEW!

After lunch, we headed back up to the surgery waiting room. After waiting a bit, a nurse came out and told us that we could head to David’s room. We got there and they directed us to a waiting room there. And we waited a couple more hours.

David is now in his room. We are in here and he is in great but groggy spirits! He is joking with us in between his ice chips and naps. He looks amazing! In fact, if you didn’t know that he had just been through major surgery, and he didn’t have all the hookups that he has, you would think he had just woken from a nap. It is GREAT and heartening!

I certainly will be writing more as I can, although I am sure I will be very busy helping him.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and support. We so appreciate it.

All my love,




  1. Yippee!
    Keep resting Dave! We’re all thinking good thoughts and praying for you… for all of you.
    Love Lexie

  2. I am so encouraged by your report on how things went today. I am also so pleased that you made the tough choice and got to a great expert on Carcinoid. Dr. O’Do is great and surrounds himself with great people. I wish you a great recovery.

    Michigan Carcinoid Group

  3. Dave and Connie,
    Such good news…we’ll all keep our prayers and thoughts with all of your family and the staff that is attending to Dave.
    Love, Elaine

  4. YEAH!
    All our love,
    Brian and Jo

  5. Very happy to hear things went so well. Sounds like the tough part is out of the way, hopeful that the recovery will go well, and whatever the next phase is will go even better!

    Love, John

  6. Dave, Connie & John,

    Wonderful news! Many blessings!

  7. Dean called us with the good news. We are so
    happy with the results of the surgery.
    We thank God that all has gone well so far and
    that they could go ahead with surgery.
    Will keep all of you in our prayers.
    Johnny and Mary

  8. Dave & Connie-

    We are all so happy this went well!! We’re all keeping you in our prayers!

    Tim & CRI

  9. Glad to hear everything went well!
    Have a quick recovery!
    I miss seeing you at the theater!

  10. I’m with you in thoughts and prayers today,. With Dave’s positive attitude all will certainly go well. My surgery went fine and I’m home already, hope you too, will head home quickly!
    Love, Mary

  11. We are so thrilled at how well things are going for Dave. You all have been in our prayers everyday. Please give hugs all around from us!

    love you,

  12. I’m writing you from Muscatine, Iowa today where I’m visiting Mom.

    This was amazing news! It’s more heartening than I would have expected, even with all the prayers going your way!

    The sun is so brilliant today in Iowa, and matches your incomparably good news!


  13. Prayers, joy and more prayers headed you way this evening.
    David, the only upside to your absence is that the guys “out back” finally have a chance at winning the football pool…which they think I don’t know about. 🙂
    Abide in faith, trust in His mercy, and heal quickly!
    Dave & Fawn

  14. Dear Loved Ones – I am happy to hear that your surgeon was someone you trusted and he was able to remove some/or most of David’s tumors. “Dave, you get stronger every day, and Connie, make sure he gets the necessary rest while he’s healing from this.”
    (Not sure if I should post this here, but hear goes…) The absence of my response regarding David has not been from lack of love, but back pain in my L5 (lower) spine. I’m having ALIS on the 18th of this month. Allen set me up with laptop AND iPhone, so hopefully will keep informed and in touch. When I write, remember I’ll be on strong pain meds, and may not make sense in my writings…. Heck, what am I saying! I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached. Well… lately I doubt my head is attached :-\
    Karen in San Diego

  15. Loving you all!
    Trusting that things will continue to go smoothly.
    Knowing that you are in God’s hands, protected and loved.
    Believing that God knows what’s best for all of you.
    Waiting for the next report post.
    Knitting because that always helps.

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