Posted by: davidalemmink | October 29, 2008

Wednesday, October 29

Hello.  Thank God, we are moving forward.

We are waiting for a call from Dr. Brinker to let us know that the Iowa appointments scheduled in November have been preapproved by the insurance company.  He has already spoken with Dr. Fox at Priority Health, but needs to confirm that all is a go.  If everything is preapproved, then we move ahead with plans to go to Iowa.

At this time, there is a consultation scheduled with Dr, Iannettoni next week Monday at 10:00 a.m.  If he still feels that the tumor has shrunk to a manageable size, then David will have surgery on Wednesday.

David, John and I plan to leave on Sunday to be in Iowa for his appointment Monday. So this is the week we need to prepare (minus a dryer).  We will get ourselves ready for a more lengthy stay in Iowa.  We will not know how long we will be there, but will stay as long as is necessary.

Tuesday David had a broncoscopy.  That is where they insert a scope to see inside his throat and lungs.  They told him after he woke up that all looked good and clear.

Also, on Tuesday, I spoke with Kelley, one of Dr. Iannettoni’s nurses.  She will be in contact with Priority Health today and that will hopefully solidify all that is necessary as far as insurance goes.

And, I must take the time now to thank the person that mowed our back yard on Tuesday.  I got home from work and opened my kitchen window blinds.  Looking out, I was amazed to see that the back yard was cut.  What a relief that was, and how thankful we were!  It was one thing we don’t have to think about and find the time for doing.  Thank you and God bless you!

We are unceasingly thankful for all your love, prayers and support.  I will keep you posted as things continue to move forward.

Love, Connie



  1. I’m going to copy this good news and send it to Rob in Iraq. I’m so glad the broncoscopy had a good result, and especially that you’re moving forward with Dave’s care.

    Again, you’ll be in Iowa when I am! I leave next Wednesday.

    Love, Jane

  2. This is Great News-
    I hope all goes well on Moday. I have sent out a request to all my “Prayer Warriors” for lots of prayer this week-end.
    Love Cathi

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