Posted by: davidalemmink | September 22, 2008

September 21, 2008

Hello all,

It has been a while since I last posted. This will be just a short post, as Thursday, we will once again be on our way to Iowa to see Dr. O’Dorisio.

David finished up his 4th round of chemo this week.  Possibly (and hopefully) the last.  He had a CT scan Friday and a PET scan Saturday.  We will take the results of those tests with us to Iowa.  We look forward to his appointment with Dr. O’Dorisio to let us know David’s progress with treatment and where we will go from here.

Watching the last 3 months and how David has done has been amazing.  As Dr. Brinker said “I wish all my patients did as well on chemotherapy as you are”.  That doesn’t mean it has been easy, just not as horrible as expected.

I will let you know how our appointment in Iowa goes.

Following that we are planning to head down to Carbondale to see Charlie!  YAY!  It will be fun seeing his apartment and having him show us around his new town.

I can’t thank you all enough for your support through this.  Daily, people call and comment and tell us they are still praying for us.  That alone is huge in helping us to stay positive, and strong and able to go along day-by-day.

Love, Connie



  1. Have a safe and great trip ! Hopefully all will be good news !

    Love Linda

  2. It was wonderful seeing you in Chicago. We have kept up with you through the updates. Have a safe trip, our prayers have always been with you.

    Ted and Linda

  3. We are praying for you guys!!!

  4. Have a safe trip and keep us posted.

  5. As you follow the yellow brick road to see the man behind the curtain Friday; know that my thoughts and good wishes are with you! Don’t be distracted by the lions, tigers, and bears. (Maybe the hawkeyes.)

    Click your heels twice and come home soon and tell me of your fantastic trip.

    PS. Don’t forget to get a fix of coconut ice cream downtown in Iowa City!

  6. Have a safe trip. We love you guys!

    Mark and Lexie

  7. I predict that Iowa will be even hotter than our 80 degrees (speaking as an Iowa native).

    I’m wishing for the best in Dave’s medical consultation and have a great time with Charlie. Know that you are in my prayers each and every night!

  8. You both have been in our prayers daily.

    Enjoy your time with Charlie!

    Love, Lou & Cheryl

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