Posted by: davidalemmink | July 21, 2008

Monday, July 21

Today is the beginning of week three in the 21-day (3 week) schedule that David is on, and things are going fairly well. He is feeling pretty good with not too many noticeable symptoms at this moment. His symptoms have been on and off since he began chemotherapy. One day is good, the next, not so good. In all this time, he has only missed one day of work due to the symptoms. EXCELLENT! Even on his not so good days, he has gone to work. I appreciate the effort it has taken, but it has been worth it … a GREAT feeling of accomplishment! He does come home from work and slip into bed and take a nap almost every day. I think he has only missed one day, last Friday, where he came home from work, felt good, and didn’t nap. Sleep is great medicine.

This morning, he did notice the effects of one symptom they told him to expect. Following his shower, he looked down at the drain and noticed large clumps of hair piled there. Even though we have expected this, it is a bit disconcerting when it actually happens.

The expectation is that this will be a pretty good week. Next Monday begins the second round of chemo. All in all, it seems not to have been as horrible as expected. Not great, not fun, not something to want, but not so bad. Hopefully the next round will be more of the same. Good days, not so good days, lots of naps, and getting through.

Also, please keep Jerry and his family in your prayers.  He is still in the ICU in a drug-induced coma.  The surgery he had was successful, but he is still struggling.  We are praying that he will recover and be able to go home very soon.

Thanks so much for all your prayers and support.

Love, Connie



  1. Hi David & Connie – glad to see the latest update. I am so happy that this treatment has been “somewhat” kind to David. Missing only 1 day of work – is fantastic. Hopefully – round 2 will go just as well!

    Hugs – Ellen

  2. So glad to hear “things” are going smoother than expected. Keep up the good work David. Hope the good news keeps coming. Love to all…You’re in our prayers always. Aunt Nancy

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